#012) AP/SUB - (de)Railed

Re-Release of 2005's Derailed by AP/SUB a.k.a apoorsubstitute. Derailed is a train themed conceptual story, it is a seamless album, and the culmination of 5 years of perfecting their signature sound. Instead of tracks there are movements or chapters if you will, all based around an inevitable crash or derailment unless we choose to change our ways. Song's of mental illness, convenience through consumerism, and climbing out of the depths of hell. Don Richmond graced this album with his amazing musical abilities in the form of viola for the title track (de)railed.

check out tracks at: myspace.com/apoorsubstitute

#011) The Jack Trades - Whiskey Well

The Jack Trades make their Blank-Tape Records debut with their new album "Whiskey Well." This album effortlessly moves you through 17 tracks of pure un-cut Country/Blues that will be stuck in your head and your cd player for days! A Bonus track includes an appearance by Blank-Tape's own Haunted Windchimes! Don't miss your chance to get a copy of this amazing disc limited to only 1000 copies!

#010) Desirae - Simple Songs

Best known for her amazing songwriting and singing talents in The Haunted Windchimes, DESIRAE makes her solo debut with "Simple Songs." This 4 Song EP will move you deeply, and is an introduction into the beautiful heart and mind of a true American songstress.


#009) An Evening With: The Haunted Windchimes (Re-Release)

These tracks came fresh off the road of The Haunted Windchimes 2007 Summer Tour. Combining all the major strands of American music, such as blues country and gospel and mixing it into a unique blend. Enjoy Blank-Tape Records re-relase of a Haunted Windchime's Classic.


#008) Flannel Squeezebox - Elevator Music for the Masses

This ONE MAN band known as Flannel Squeezbox will catch your ear with pure electronic pop music. A Film Maker by nature, Flannel Squeezebox' music brings you into the movie soundtrack of his own mind!


#007) Haunted Windchimes / Mexican (Split CD)

A Blank-Tape Records Special! featuring the first and second release of the Blank-Tape catolog. This Spilt CD is fully loaded with a Digi-Pack CD Design, full color gatefold, + bonus Tracks from each artist for a total of 16 amazing

#006) Inaiah Lujan - The American Dream

Blank-Tape is proud to announce this re-mastered version of 2006's The American Dream, by Inaiah Lujan. 10 Tracks inspired by the road, trains and travel. Some songs were even taken directly out of the song writers road journals he kept while hitch-hiking and drifting across the american highways and back roads.


#005) Blank-Tape Vol. I

22 Amazing Artists! Featuring: The Jack Trades, Hangun Man, Jon Crocker, Poesis, The Mexican, Costume Boys, Flannel Squeezebox, DJ Flow Nase & MC Steve-Opinion, a.poorsubstitute, Kingdom of Magic, Better Luck Next Time, Suzie Palmer & The Knuckle Children, Mother's Best, Haunted Windchimes, This is Art in Heaven! Eric Matty's, Inaiah Lujan, Tiny Owl, Katey Rxx, Looks Like a Snake! EVAN and It's True.

#004) DJ Flow Nase & MC Steve Opinion - Flight of the Bumble Bee

DJ Flow Nase & MC Steve-Opinion kick it old school using rhymes and beats to express the world around them. Flight of the Bumble Bee is jam packed with conscious hip-hop you can dance to.


#003) Inaiah Lujan - The Weather Vain EP

"The Weather Vain" originally self released by Inaiah Lujan in the winter of 2007, and re-released by Blank-Tape Records March 2008. This EP Displays more of the haunting and melancholia of Lujan's repertoire, With 4 Polished Hi-Fidelty Tracks produced and Recorded by Lujan himself.


#002) Haunted Windchimes - Verse Visa

This 4 Song EP VERSE/VISA was The Haunted Windchimes debut release on Blank-Tape Records. Recorded on the Beautiful Island of O'ahu (Hawaii), By "The Mad Genius" Producer Pierre Grill.

"Verse/Visa is great listening - a CD that effortlessly takes you on an aural journey to distant and mysterious places you've never visited but always wanted to

"The Haunted Windchimes paint an evocative and compelling musical picture with familiar hues of folk, blues and Americana."


#001) The Mexican - Funeral Pop

Blank-Tape Records very first release! The Funeral Pop EP pulls you into it's imaginative world immediately with the album opener "Cypress Tree." It's full of twists and turns with the only reoccurring theme being a batch of songs that will be stuck in your head for days.

"a manic, gothic quality strangely reminiscent of Frank Black if he got really into the blues and joined a haunted circus."